Apartments in Budva (Montenegro) for rental without intermediaries, from €25

Dear visitors, welcome to the official website of “Apartment Dragana” – one of the most popular accommodation in Budva. We offer you to rent apartments in Budva (Montenegro) near the sea, for a cheap price. Apartment Dragana is fully equipped apartment in Budva, with everything necessary for living. Comfortable location, free high-speed WiFi, parking, and a beautiful area. Clean apartments near the sea, the center of Budva city, and with three beaches within walking distance. Official registration, cheaper prices, and seasonal discounts.


Transfer from Tivat airport at the lowest price in Montenegro – only €10 in one way.

Official registration

Apartments Dragana in Budva will procure for you a white card within 20 minutes upon arrival!

Low prices

Renting accommodation from us is 30-40 % cheaper than in noisy hotels and many other apartments in Budva.

Rent throughout the year

With us, you can rent apartments in Budva for a few days, a week, and for a long period of time (a month or more).


You found the site of Ivan and Dragana Sekulic, owners of apartments in Montenegro (cities: Budva, Rafailovici and Igalo). Through us, you can rent an apartment in Budva without intermediaries, from €25 (see rental prices depending on the season!). Our family-owned permanent business – renting apartments for a few days, a week, months or even for a long time period before the start of the season.

We will meet you at the airports of Tivat and Podgorica, transfer you to the apartments on the Mazda CX-5, explain to you everything about the beaches, and every important point of interest. You will receive a white card (registration) on the first day of your vacation, and car rental service in Montenegro on favorable terms.

We work officially; therefore we confirm the reservation with a document with a seal and signature.
We guarantee cleanliness, safety, and confidentiality. Rent a beautiful, modern accommodation on optimal conditions.
We will make every effort to make your stay in Montenegro is safe and comfortable!

Explore this site. Here you will find all the answers to your questions. And can write to us right now, we speak English.

Sincerely, Ivan and Dragana Sekulic – inexpensive apartments in Budva, Rafailovici and Igalo.

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Why is it worth renting our apartments in Budva (Montenegro)?

Clean apartments for every guest

The apartment’s rental in Budva is a permanent activity of many Montenegrin residents. My wife and I understand that we can live our lives thanks to tourists. Therefore, we try to improve services as it is possible. The many years of experience of work in tourism let us guarantee the high-end service. As a result, all of our clients are satisfied with us. They recommend us and come back to us again and again! After all, word of mouth is the best advertisement.

Important components of our business card – cleanliness in the apartment, transfer with payment only for gas, attentive attitude towards guests, white card for 20 minutes.

However, most importantly: “We welcome our guests as we would like you to welcome us in your home!”

What do you get by renting an apartment in Budva from us?

  • A pleasant meeting at the airport and a comfortable trip to the apartment.
  • The official registration of guests.
  • Information about the sights of Budva and the surrounding areas, excursions, beaches, cafes, restaurants, and shops.
  • Help with any questions that arise in Montenegro.
  • Surprise in the fridge from us.
  • Through our site, you can find cheap car rental in Budva and Montenegro.

We guarantee:

  • A warm welcome and adequate communication.
  • Minimum rental rules for you. No prohibitions.
  • Clean apartment, bedding and towels.
  • Registration (white card) within 20 minutes.
  • We are always available for contact, in any time of the day.
  • Household appliances and WiFi in working condition.
  • Car hire in Budva at the lowest price in Montenegro.

Our apartments in Budva on and Airbnb

We started renting apartments through Airbnb and in the summer of 2019. As you can see, we have a maximum rating on both sites. We just want to inform you that, by renting apartments in Budva directly from us, you will save money. How?

  • charges us a fee for each booking, so if you rent accommodation in Budva directly from us, the prices will be lower.
  • Airbnb charges a commission from guests. Thus, you can save money by contacting us directly.
Our apartments in Budva on

Important facts to know when renting apartments in Budva and Montenegro

Renting apartments and accommodation in Budva is complicated. The main reason for that is that renting apartments in Montenegro, and especially in Budva, is a massive business. We have a lot of experience in this field, so we know what owners are capable of, just to earn money. Based on our own knowledge and personal experience, we identified several important parameters, on which you need to pay attention to, when choosing accommodation.

  • The first thing you need to check is the location of the apartments in Budva. This is a very important point. They can be on a slope, a mountain or on a flat surface.
  • Second, on which you need to pay attention to, is the distance from the accommodation to the sea. However, keep in mind, that it’s not the same thing if the apartments are located near the sea in the center, or at the end of Budva.
  • It is also worth finding out if there are night clubs and discos nearby, is it quiet or noisy at night. Most of the tourists situated in the apartments on the first line are faced with the problem of loud music until the morning.
  • After that, pay attention to the infrastructure. It is important that there are markets, shops and food outlets near the property. These are places where a tourist can eat, buy food and other necessary goods. The traveler will be more comfortable if there are enough shops, restaurants, entertainment venues.
Many people who rent apartments in Budva and Montenegro claim that their apartments are fully equipped. But, they are not specifying the quality, and list of household appliances, furniture. The favorite term of local landlords “have everything”. As a rule, “everything” is a minimum-sufficient set of objects for life. So, in order to ensure personal comfort for the rest period, it is necessary to clarify and carefully check what a landlord has in mind.
We don’t suggest that you rent accommodation in Budva which is located on the ground floor, for many reasons. The same applies to the last floor. Especially in old buildings – it can be very hot there, even with an air conditioner.
This part is very important. For example, if the air conditioner stops working or something similar happens – will the owners solve this problem, will they help or not? Are they available for communication? Many people rent apartments in Montenegro and Budva through third parties, who simultaneously rent up to 20 apartments. So what will happen to your request? Do they even care about it? Unfortunately, they do not care at all.
This is one of the most important documents if you fly to Montenegro on your own. According to the laws of the country, all tourists must register at the tourist center, pay €1 for each day of stay, it intends to stay in the country for more than one day. That registration needs to be completed in 24 hours. The presence of a visa does not exempt from this law. This is where the problems lie.

It is important to know who they are – real people or not. If so, how they do their job. Do they speak English? Therefore, we advise you to rent apartments in Budva from people who already have positive reviews from real tourists.

Prices for rental apartments in Budva and Montenegro depend on many factors.
  • • Each owner forms its price depending on the quality of the accommodation, location and service offered. Sometimes the prices correspond to the mentioned factors. In other cases, no. Your task is to check it out. There are many people who overcharge rental prices towards their actual costs. And what will these owners get in return? They won’t have returning guests. In addition, they will receive bad reviews.
  • • Various intermediaries. Many people use the services of third parties for renting accommodation in Budva and Montenegro, and each of them takes a large commission (sometimes it is up to 80%. Yes, that’s true!). However, the price that you pay to intermediaries is not the biggest problem. The problem is the service they offer.
When choosing accommodation, it is necessary to check with the owners whether they organize transportation or not. Many owners do not bother with this, which is not very comfortable for a tourist. Instead of a transfer, the traveler has to take a taxi, thereby overpaying a lot of money.
One of the most important rules when renting accommodation in Budva is to do it in advance. The resort cities of Montenegro are very popular among European tourists.
Therefore, the most optimal accommodation options you should book in January-February, or if possible even earlier. If you don’t succeed, only the most expensive hotel rooms and uncomfortable budget options will remain free by the beginning of the summer.

So, renting accommodation in Budva from Sekulic family

Now, it’s time to make a decision and to write to us, to check if our apartment is available for your desired dates. There are plenty of advantages:

  • The sea, the center, shops are all nearby.
  • Quiet and very popular area.
  • Rent an apartment in Budva without intermediaries, at a price starting from €25.
  • Registration (white card) in 20 minutes.
  • Our help with everything: We will answer by phone, or make our staff available.
  • The lowest car rental prices in Montenegro.
  • It is possible to rent an apartment in Budva for a longer period (from 30 days) with a discount when it is not the high season.

Fair question, where are the reviews?

Here are 18 reviews about apartments rental in Budva from our guests. See reviews about Ivan and Dragana Sekulic. These are not only reviews but also the recommendations of our guests for you. Look at what has been written people who have rented accommodation in Budva without intermediaries.

Ivan Sekulic: +382 69 150 771 (Phone, WhatsApp, Viber)
Dragana Sekulic: +382 68 106 555 (Phone, WhatsApp, Viber)

More communication methods on the page “contacts“.

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